Endicott prof. in the Top 2% of scientific researchers

Writer : 학과관리자 | Date : 2021.11.22 | Hit : 3,402
In an acknowledgment of the high standard of research being undertaken at Woosong University, professor Madhusudan Singh, from our AI and Big Data department, has been identified as one of the Top 2% of scientists published in 2020 in a study conducted by researchers of ICSR Lab, Elsevier BV & Stanford University, USA. 


Professor Madhusudan Singh's research focuses on Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cybersecurity, and Signal and Systems.  He was designated as a distinguished speaker for the Association for Computing Machinery in 2020 and the IEEE Computer Society in 2019.

The inclusion of professor Singh on this list is a great achievement and shows how our university is continuing to strive to provide the best education possible to our student body. 

The annual list from Stanford of the top 2% of scientists worldwide recognizes researchers based on their research work, societal impact, number of publications, & citations. Woosong University would like to congratulate Prof. Singh on his exceptional accomplishment.