President, John E. Endicott

Fundamental changes to global society are looming within the framework of what is called the 4th Industrial Revolution. Jobs and professions as we know them will be redefined, recalibrated and restructured. As a result, the way international society is organized and operated will be subject to a reformulation perhaps more extreme than we at this time can understand. Endicott College of International Studies will take these challenges head-on and using tools from all aspects of international endeavor attempt to prepare for a future that possibly can involve explosive growth and at the same time extreme displacement of affected populations. It will, in essence, study “all phenomena which are globally oriented” that will help turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Endicott College of International Studies will be a site where students from all over Asia can pursue educational programs that not only educate in management, but in fields of their choice that make them eligible to undertake an entire spectrum of career specializations.

The ultimate goal is to provide undergraduate and graduate education and training that will not only bring students from round the world to Endicott for a cutting edge advantage, but to have them make a difference in how nations of the world meet their collective responsibilities to assure a peaceful and prosperous life to the governed. Studies will be rewarding with a faculty known for teaching, research and service.

But, not only will students learn from a sterling faculty, but from each other. Bringing their own distinct world views to the classroom, lunchroom, and dorm, they will interact to teach each other using the technique that has made its sister school, SolBridge, the flagship of international business education in Korea today. A student body in a quest for international understanding has a mission truly reflective of the goals of the Endicott College of International Studies.

We invite all students interested in beginning a tradition of success and accomplishment to join the Endicott College of International Studies. you will be joined by an excellent faculty, a fine staff, and some of the finest facilities in East Asia. Let’s go together!


John E. Endicott, President Endicott College