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Interdisciplinary Studies

▣ You Learn

The Interdisciplinary Studies program at Endicott College allows you to take control of your education, gaining the skills and knowledge you need to accomplish your unique personal and professional goals. Working closely with an advisor, you design a custom curriculum, drawing from courses in International Studies, Management Studies, and Technology Studies. If you are a highly motivated, self-directed student interested in multiple disciplines, or if your career aspirations don’t fit traditional academic subjects, Interdisciplinary Studies may be the program for you. This program contains flexibility that allows students to gain a breadth of knowledge across academic majors, while also attaining depth in a particular area through a required minor.

▣ You Earn

Graduates earn a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Endicott College of International Studies, with a concentration in any of the three programs taught at Endicott. Depending on their course of study, students may also be positioned to pursue certifications several professional fields. Finally, the self-guided nature of the program gives students experience in long term planning and self-directed personal and professional development.

▣ You Prepare

Given the wide range of disciplines covered through the self-designed degree program, graduates have a wide range of careers options, including: business, politics, law, healthcare, economics, entertainment, media, education, government, NGOs, policy analysis, journalism, writing, research, academics, and public relations.

▣ You Decide

Interdisciplinary program students understand the value of responsibility and self-direction, and gain great experience in working with their academic advisors to create a program of study that is right for them. Studying across fields and disciplines, these students are exposed to the widest range of ideas, and can collaborate and develop relationships with students in all departments. With each student pursuing his/her own unique blend of management, international, and technological study, there is great potential for insight and innovation.

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