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Chairman, Dal Yeong Lee

Woosong Educational Foundation actually began as Donga Educational foundation after being founded by Mr. Kim Jung Woo. The Donga Educational Foundation was originally established in Jayang-dong, Daejeon in 1954 where it served as an advanced base for human resource development as well as for the development of the Daejeon and Chungcheong areas. It was eventually renamed Woosong Educational Foundation.

With over a half century of knowledge and experience in the management field, Woosong Educational Foundation established Endicott College of International Studies in 2016 as part of the “University for Creative Korea” University Specialization Project (CK-1). Endicott College seeks to develop the next generation of global citizens…students who are actively involved in creating innovative solutions to key issues in a rapidly changing world.

Today's pressing problems, because of their complexity, do not conform to traditional academic categories. Real progress requires a new level of collaboration among faculty, students, universities, government, and business globally. This is the promise of the Endicott College of International Studies.

Dal Yeong Lee, Ph.D.
Woosong Educational Foundation