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Qualified third and fourth year students have the chance to participate in an exchange program for one or two semesters at one of our partner universities overseas and have the credits earned transferred back to Endicott College of International Studies (ECIS). Students must fulfill the criteria set by both ECIS and the host university in order to make their outbound experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

Generally, students who go on exchange pay tuition to ECIS. They are not required to pay tuition or enrollment fees to the host university, but they do pay other expenses such as residence, activity fees, medical insurance, flights, etc. to the host university. In some instances, however, the agreement between ECIS and the host university may require students to pay tuition (and other costs) to the host university in which case they are treated as Study Abroad students. Students are advised to consult with the Study Abroad Office about the payment terms before selecting a host university.


Endicott College of International Studies (ECIS) has Exchange agreements with universities around the world. Students wishing to go on an exchange to ECIS must first apply to their home university to determine they are qualified. A representative of the Study Abroad Office at the Host University should then nominate the student by filling out the online form. Next the exchange student must complete the ECIS inbound application which provides necessary information to evaluate the viability of the exchange Student, the intended duration of the exchange and important contact information. Generally speaking if the partner school accepts the students, they are usually accepted for exchange at ECIS. At the conclusion of the exchange, official transcripts are provided to the student’s home institution for credit transfer.