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Dormitory & Dining


Woosong University offers two main residence facilities for international students. Sol-Geo is located on the East Campus, and the International Dormitory is located on West Campus. Both dormitories are located close to nearby shops, restaurants, subway line, and various bus routes. International students from both Sol International School and other Schools of Woosong share the two accommodations thus providing further opportunities to meet students from other cultures and locations.

Sol-Geo Residence

Sol-Geo is the international residence located on East Campus primarily for international students admitted to the university. Students are generally matched with a roommate from a different country and are required to live for their first year of studies there. After their first year, students may apply for other residences or opt to live off-campus. In addition to the rooms, Sol-Geo offers a modern, clean, safe, and Wi-Fi-accessible facility that features a library, dance studio, common kitchen, and various study halls and classrooms. Rooms generally accommodate two students with individual beds, desks, clothing cabinets and a shared in-room bathroom.

In the Sol-Geo dormitory complex are also two cafeterias: Sol Kor-West & Sol East. So Kor-West serves Korean and western-like food items and the Sol-East serves food items especially for our Muslim students. Students are free to eat at any cafeteria on campus that they prefer.

Sol-Geo Residence
Sol-Geo Residence
Sol-Geo Residence

International Dormitory

The International Dormitory is located on East Campus close to most classrooms and is for international Undergraduate students. In this large accommodation are both mens’ and womens’ separate sections to accommodate SIS as well as Woosong students. Because of early classes, most Culinary Arts students reside here due to the close proximity of classes, which begin earlier than most other departments. Other students reside here who wish to be closer to the main campus. Each room accommodates two students with individual beds, desks and clothing cabinets.

The International Dormitory contains the Office of Student Housing, a cafeteria, laundry facilities and social areas. Bathrooms and showers are communal with personal toilet and shower stalls.

International Dormitory

Residence Life

Although each program is unique, your housing options may include on-campus dorms, off-campus apartments, private accommodations, and occasionally homestays. Please contact the Education Abroad office for specific information about your program.


Type Type of room Room Furnishings Costs
(103days per semester)
Special rooms
Interantional Student Dormitory Men Twin 135rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet, closet for shoes, A/C, Wire Internet, airer, locker, garbage 515,000 student cafeteria student kitchen, laundry, Ironing room, Shared
Women 215rooms
HRD Dorm Single 7rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet, airer, desk lamp Undecided Shared bathroom, laundry, student kitchen, resting room
Twin 27rooms 618,000
Chungwon 2 sook Twin 1rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet, airer, wire internet, garbage can  484,100 Laundry, resting room, Shared bathroom
Quadruple 28rooms
Bi-rae-dong Dormitary 6 people room 54rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet  391,400 resting room each floor, Cooking room, Shared bathroom
SolGeo Dormitory Adong Single 20rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet, desk lamp, plug extension 618,000 Class room, study room, laundry
Twin 11rooms 515,000
Bdong Single 2rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet, desk lamp, plug extension Undecided resting room each floor, laundry
Twin 87rooms 618,000
Cdong Twin 73rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet, desk lamp, plug extension,  618,000 Class room, laundry
Ddong Single 5rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet, desk lamp, plug extension Undecided resting room each floor, laundry
Twin 93rooms 618,000
Triple 4rooms 566,500
Edong Quadruple 7rooms Desk, chair, bed, closet, desk lamp, plug extension 566,500 Class room, Dancing room, student kitchen
Ndong Class room and Literary
Fdong Cafeteria Cafe lounge
Recommended Men Women
Suitable Suit Tailored Pant Skirt Suit
Short / Long Sleeved Dress Shirt Shirt / Blouse
Tie Tailored Dress
Closed Shoes Closed Shoes
Dress Socks Stockings (Optional)
Jacket Jacket / Dressy Sweater
Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Nice Short Sleeve Top
Dress Pants Dress Pants
Neat Casual Pants(including jeans) Neat Casual Pants
Skirt / Culottes
Summer Dress with Sleeve or Jacket
Closed Shoes / Socks Dressy Sandal with Heel

Suits and shoes can be custom made. It isn’t cheap, but the cost is close to the price of name brand designer clothing.


If you have large or wide feet, you may have difficulty buying shoes. You are advised to bring a selection of conservative and comfortable shoes. Good shoes are not cheaper here than at home. Sports shoes are readily available.
It is the Korean custom to remove shoes at the door for homes, some restaurants and other businesses. Slip-on shoes are a lot more convenient in this situation.


While you can buy most things in Korea, when you cannot speak / read the language, it is sometimes difficult to communicate what you want. Bring your favorite products to last several months. Antiperspirant, and vitamins are not readily available.


Korean bedding is a different style and is packaged in sets, therefore, bring at least one pillow case and flat, double sheet. If you have room for a sleeping bag, it could double as a blanket and save you buying one here. Your favorite bath towel / face cloth and a few hand / tea towels / dish cloths will spare you some shopping on arrival as well.


University housing has 220 volt outlets. Some off-campus housing has both 110 and 220 volts. Converters are very cheap (under$10.00 US). You can buy any appliance easily here except answering machines (which they tend not to use) but they are a little more expensive than in the US.
There are internet cafes everywhere in Korea and it is very cheap to use them. You will also have access to a computer in your office. For these reasons, it is suggested that you not ship computer equipment. If you bring your lap-top, carry it with you.


Your apartment is only semi-furnished and there are no dishes or pots / pans. You may wish to bring a knife, fork and spoon at least and a few kitchen utensils to save the trouble of buying them. You will not have an oven in your housing but can buy a toaster oven here. You may wish to bring a small saucepan or kettle and a plastic mug or glass to use upon arrival. However, kitchen utensils can easily be obtained for a good price in Korea should you wish.


There is not a great selection of spices. Bring your favorites with you. Herbal teas are also different. Taco seasoning, gravy mix, etc are all good. If you have a favorite dish, learn to cook it… it may be hard to find a restaurant that serves it here. If it requires any uncommon ingredients, bring them with you (provided it isn’t restricted by border controls).


Chances are, your phone from home won’t work in Korea. Once you have your ARC card, you will be able to get a phone with a Korean carrier. Some people choose second hand phones, some choose new phones, which usually come as a package with a contract. Contracts come in one and two year increments, with more benefits going to the two year package.


Previous voltage warnings apply. Mac support used to be hard to come by, but is becoming more common. In general, computers are cheaper in your home country than they are here, especially Macs. One more thing… internet banking is not supported on Macs here, so be aware of that. The good news is that internet is blazing fast, relatively cheap, and easy to set up. Upon arrival, you will be able to send emails either from your office, or from a PC café, which is very cheap.


Bring a travel alarm clock, sewing kit, razors.


There is a no-pets policy in university housing.


Good wholesome food is plentiful and inexpensive in Korea. Students staying in dormitories can opt for a meal plan during their stay. Meal plans are available according to the preference of the student. On the West Campus, there is a large student cafeteria available to all students at a reasonable price and student cafeterias located in both of the main international housing facilities.

Woosong University’s well-known culinary arts programs provides opportunities for students to enjoy both Korean and international food on campus. There are several cafes as well as an upscale restaurant that provide numerous food choices. These establishments are run primarily by our culinary arts students under the guidance of professional chefs.

There also are many small restaurants located adjacent to Campus and around Daejeon for Korean and international Food. There is food to suit every taste. Areas like Eun-Haeng-Dong and New Daejeon have plenty of larger restaurants serving a range of menus from Eastern to Western cuisines, like - Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Pakistani, American, Italian and even French food.

Solpine Restaurant